Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Guest Holiday Guitar Porn

A reader and pal (and thanks to him) sends this drool-inducing guitar porn photo...and writes:

"Attached you will find a crappy photo of a couple of my rides. 1952 Les Paul, 1962 SG Junior, 1965 SG Standard (Pelham Blue)..."

Wow...some way cool git fiddles there...

Hope the season is treating everyone well...i asked santa for a 52 Les Paul with a Bigsby, but the chubby bastard came up a little short...actually, i didn't want much of anything...the house be full...maybe i should ask for a dumpster...

And I spent x-mass in a baptist church...no kidding...watching, among other things, a baptism and a pretty wretched 'worship' band. Luckily, they weren't putting any really cool equipment to waste...which would have been sad...

Hope everyone is having a healthy and sinful season. Amp pics soon.



Thursday, December 22, 2005


I, Fatty

So, I'm in bed, with ssssssplitting headache and staggering amounts of phlegm...and on Court TV, there's some show (not a very good one) about the Fatty Arbuckle trials...which reminded me of one of the best reads of the year: Jerry Stahl's I, Fatty. A really great first person account of a life ...Stahl captures a wonderful voice and the prose is first-rate. Worth checking out. So long as you bought mine first--I'm all for helping out a fellow LA-area writer, but me first, after all. And, of course, after you buy copies of Tod Goldberg's new book Simplify...but you've already done that...or, I'm sure you'd be getting a sock full of coal.


Monday, December 19, 2005


the return of guitar porn

Sorry so long away...but the schedule is getting back to normal...so here's a one of a kind...i bough this beat up one-pickup Danlectro Silvertone Amp-in-Case (a 1963, I think)...needed pickups, a new top...so, I went to a sheet metal scrap yard in Long Beach, carved an aluminum top, bought a Strat replacement pickguard (Mint Green) and drop it in. Here it is...now owned by my bud Katrina...sounds awesome for slide...real Ry Cooder...enjoy...in one of these pics, it's with an early 60's Resolglass Red Airline I used to own, but sold (or traded...i forget) to Mike at myrareguitars.com

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Small, strange world

Check this out...my new bud Craig Clevenger (author of "The Contortionist's Handbook", which I'm reading and is great, and "Dermaphoria" which is on the winter reading list round these parts) writes of the day we met on his site...a cool story...he and Gayle knew each other in the way back machine...


More soon...Antioch's residency is done, and I have a new super rare Airline 2 6L6 head (with a 6V6 reverb circuit) that I'll be posting pics of soon :)


Saturday, December 10, 2005


busy, busy, busy

Sorry for the lack of posts (if anyone cares :), but I've been waaay busy teaching at Antioch LA's MFA program, which has been a kick (albeit an exhausting one) thus far. More soon--happy holidays to all...don't shop to much (even if it is your patriotic duty).


Monday, December 05, 2005


wow...what a disgusting story

man...this is something...Check this out about the writer Brad Vice...while some defend him, it's REALLY hard to see how someone with a masters and PhD could not understand Fair Use and Plagarism, when i held my Freshman Comp students to a higher standard. really. it's unacceptable.



surf is always up...

when the Insect Surfers are playing....

who doesn't like Surf Music? Communists! (except, of course, for the really hep cat daddy-o commies)...

so, if you'd rather not have your love for America questioned, go see the super Insect Surfers this Sat:

WHO: 10:pm and midnight - Insect Surfers 11:00pm - Boardwalkers

WHEN: Saturday, December 10, 2005

WHERE: Purple Orchid, 221 Richmond Street, El Segundo, CA

COST: ? (I think this is free, but I am not sure.)




Thursday, December 01, 2005


Show this Friday

I know what you're thinking..."which guitar will Rob play Friday? I need to know..."

Well, dear reader, i've got you covered...it'll be the old beat up Tele (as it's drummer Steve's favorite D-Shakes tone...) ...i will, without a doubt, break a string or two, so you'll probably see my antique white Mustang...and then, maybe, this one...

it's a heavily modified (whihc is why i got it SOOOO friggiin cheap...had to be re-wired and the mold and gunk needed to go) 1962 Kay Jazz II...notice the funky 'shark's fin' neck inlay...

it rocks...i'm tempted to play it as my main guitar, but the band would kill me, since i haven't practiced with it...but it'll be 3rd string, maybe, Fri.

Come one, come all, this Fri, 8PM, J King Neptunes in lovely Sunset Beach...The Danbury Shakes will be doing new material, a couple of old Hacks favorites, and a couple of choice covers....

what else? oh, South Africa has legalized same-sex marriage...oh, my, the US is BEHIND South Africa in progressive politics. Scary. But at least Cheney's pushing hard for allowing torture. Makes me proud.

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