Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Upcoming shows. LA/SF...

A lot of appearances coming up...First...Sunday, Sept 24 at Zen Sushi in LA...The Chairs (me and Kevin/John of the Urinals/100 Flowers...still thrilled these guys let me play with them) with the GREAT Human Hands AND the GREAT Reform School Girls (one of my fave bands in town, with our rocking amazing pal Katrina holding down the thud staff)...and a coupla short openers i don't know yet...

The skinny:

The Chairs of Perception

September, 24 2006 at Zen Sushi
2609 Hyperion Ave., Los Angeles, 90027
Cost: $5.00

Doors at 8pm In order of appearance (subject to change): Slo Mo Erotic / Eva Brontosaurus / Human Hands / The Chairs of Perception / Reform School Girls

THEN, the Chairs are probably playing Fri 9/29 at Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park...more info to follow.

I'm doing a reading with my buds Tod Goldberg, Holliday Reihnhorn & Gina Frangello on Oct 23rd...I'll be reading from my new novel-in-progress, AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF DESIRE...

AND in other (BIG) news...the Chairs are playing the Fillmore (you read that right) on Oct 19th...a Thursday, opening for Yo La Tengo.

More info as it comes...

Monday, September 11, 2006



OK--I will give away my FIRST (and will personalize and sign and doodle on the thing, too) french copy of my novel PANNE SECHE (it translates, roughly, to Brokedown Dry)...TO THE FIRST PERSON WHO CORRECTLY ANSWERS THIS QUESTION (and Kevin Barrett and Kevin Cain cannot, sorry guys, play this, as they have seen me ask this Q before...but you may each have a French copy, anyway.)....

Q: WHAT DO EVIL KENEVIL and HANK WILLIAMS (Sr.) have in common?

Answer to this blog...as I said, first correct answer gets the French book. And the Cliff Clavin "What are two people who have never been in my kitchen" is not an acceptable correct response...

MORE THAN THEY COULD CHEW is out in France, and here is one of those Google Tranlated desciptions of it! I love the bio..."It lives in California"

After having curtly been made plate by his/her girlfriend. Nick decided to leave for California for all to begin again to zero. Unfortunately for him. Nick is a loser: failed like a gull mazoutée Length Beach, a small seaside resort on the decline, it works as night porter in a hotel art déco stripped plaster in authority of demolition. When it bump not, Nick spends his time to picoler and to take drugs in company of his/her two friends: Joe, a former lawyer in the wind become junkie but which after a fashion try to go up the slope, and Sergei, a Russo-Batavian psychopathe and flambor ready with all for a package of dollars. All dream of the large blow which will make them rich. When Nick falls by chance on an old stock from computers from the FBI, which contain a list of people profiting from the programme of protection of the witnesses like their new identities, it thinks of having shoed the good bargain. Helped of his/her companions in misfortune. Nick decides to find the witnesses and to make them sing. Of course. nothing will occur as envisaged. Loser one day, loser always… Meteor mild nutter, removed from rim account, dry Panne are a little the meeting of the Nickelled Feet and Big Lebowski passed to black sauce… Fasten your seat belts!

Rob Roberge is a novelist, scenario writer and plays of the guitar in a group of rock' roll. It lives in California. Dry breakdown is its first novel to be appeared with the Black Series.

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