Saturday, October 21, 2006


Reading at Book Soup...Sunday @ 1PM...

Come one, come all...I'll be reading from my new novel in progress (the sqallor-laden "Check Engine")...either a funny/sad suicide cleanup scene, or the woman on the Sybian scene...don't bring children unless you want them to grow up and write suicide cleanup scenes and/or women on Sybian scenes :)

AND--I'm reading with the super cool and great Gina Frangello (the editor of the literary journal Other Voices and the author of the brilliant My Sister's Continent), Holiday Reinhorn (author of Big Cats) and my buddy Tod Goldberg ( Should be a kick and a hoot. We'll be signing books. Tod and I will probably be talking and accidently offend many people (it seems to happen a lot).

Blog about thursdays show at the Fillmore (where we got to encore on stage with Yo La Tengo, among many other highlights) coming soon.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The Return of Guitar Porn! By Request

So, very few people may read this blog, but the ones who do were pissed at me for not having guitar porn in quite a while, so here is a long awaited double dose for you git and amp fans...

A mid 1960's SANO guitar (probably a re-branded Goya model), made in Italy with a SWEET, fast neck and a surprisingly deep, bassy tone out of the neck pickup...

Played through its newest friend, a 1966 LECTROLAB S400 which, after a re-cap and a tune up is officially my favorite practice amp ever (kicks a Champ's ass). Great overdrive from an EL 84 output tube through 2 eight inch speakers...and a AWESOME throbby tremolo. If you can find one of these, get one. The re-issues are pretty rad, too, but this original (date stamped Nov. 14, 1966, which makes it five months younger than me-ha!) is just too much.

Coming next: Rejected Band Names!

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