Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Show at Safari Sam's

sorry so long without posts...you two people who read this :)

So, the Chairs of Perception (www.myspace/chairsofperception) played Safari Sams last saturday with Savage Republic and it was a fun show. For those of you in LA who haven't checked out Sam's yet, you have to...what a great club...nice people, awesome sound system and free parking...what's not to love...Also, if you get a chance to see Savage Republic, you should...what a fun night out, in spite of one fan in the crowd (and, sadly, the asshole jumped up on stage for a few awkward moments) who reminded me why i don't drink anymore...

no shows or readings for a while, as i have my antoich residency coming up...on June 24th (two days after turning 40...egads), i plan to sleep...before then...no time.

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